NCRC on Zoom 4/24/2021

We met on Zoom again in our comfy clothes and with our blended drinks in hand (Thanks Sharon!) Omar was the Master of Ceremonies and guided us through the many interesting cases. Many comments, suggestions and opinions were voiced. A great participation from everyone was appreciated. Unfortunately the recording the meeting was started late in the third presentation so the first three cases were not recorded. Sorry, I had too much to do all at once in the beginning of the meeting and forgot to press the button! I did re-do my presentations but could not recover the third one. My bad! – Peter

Here is the Vimeo Showcase of all the videos. Click on names below to see individual videos.

Peter Van Houten presented two cases:

  1. Case of Pentosan related macular toxicity (redone)
  2. Case of macular hole and fellow eye risk management (redone)

Effie Rahman presented three cases: 

  1. Post-COVID Puertcher’s like retinopathy (unfortunately the video did not record this case)
  2. Post-COVID vaccine CRAO (Video working again!)
  3. Dislocated IOL- last minute change of plan to resuturing the existing IOL

Clay Bavinger presented two cases: 

  1. Unusual case of bilateral retinal ischemia, neovascularization and exudation in a baby- Atypical FEVR 
  2. Subretinal emulsified silicone oil

David Levine presented two cases:

  1. CRAO from a severe case of idiopathic orbital inflammation
  2. Cryptococcal choroiditis/ endophthalmitis with multiple retinal hemorrhages in an inpatient 

Scott Lallier presented:

  1. Recurrent full thickness macular hole after PPV

Joshua Barnett presented:

  1. Removal of large glass IOFB

Odette Houghton presented:

  1. Bilateral macular Neuro sensory detachment- resistant to anti-VEGF injections, h/o monoclonal gammopathy

Omar Punjabi presented:

  1. Two post-COVID cases of MEWDS that improved on oral steroids

Kate Baker presented:

  1. Leukemic Retinopathy

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