Blog of Cases

Here is a listing of interesting (hopefully) postings by the membership of NCRC.

Suggested Meeting Cases/Topics for the next meeting. Vingettes of cases shown to prepare us for a good discussion.

Intravitreal Methotrexate for PVR. Surgical video and treatment protocol for recurrent retinal detachment due to PVR. As presented at Duke AVS 2019

Resolution of anti-VEGF resistant serous pigment epithelium detachment with dexamethasone implant. Authors: C. Ellis Wisely, Ananth Sastry, Sharon Fekrat

Clinical Pearls: Soda Effect  One clinician’s observations on the effect of drinking sodas on DME and other clinical issues.

Solar Retinopathy is what happens when you read on the internet that staring at the sun would strengthen the eyes (NOT!). Also see Part 1 of Hot Springs Video.

“Oh Where did the Buckle go?” Now retina fellowship programs are not teaching how to do a good buckle. This is a case where these skills saved the eye. As presented at Duke AVS 2019.

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