Welcome to NCRC

Hello and welcome! We come together to learn, discuss and teach ever evolving and improving skills in diagnosing and treating retina and vitreous diseases of the eye for the betterment of our patients. Due to the pandemic, we are doing the meetings via Zoom. Two to three times before a meeting, an email is sent to the members with the links to the meeting. Join us and get the email notification of the meetings.

Meetings times and locations are announced in the “Events” page or Meetings menu item.

The Images/Video categories will have links to YouTube videos, Vimeo videos and past live stream links organized by meetings dates.

Live Streaming of the conferences was initially done through YouTube where there was a less that 10 second delay over the internet. Youtube has changed the rules of live feeds and limited them to 15 minutes making it unusable for our purposes. A short time after the meeting, the presentations are edited and placed in a Vimeo showcase below.

We now use Vimeo to store and publish the individual meeting presentations HERE.

YouTube: Video archive of older meetings.

Please send suggestions and comments to DrPVH. Thank you .

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