April 25th, 2020 meeting DONE on Zoom!

Dear NC Retina Club Member: The first Zoom meeting was accomplished on ZOOM with ease. There were 9 participants from all over the state of North Carolina but also from Arizona! We talked a lot about Covid issues and how to handle patients and this pandemic. Good information was exchanged. A presentation with video of … Continue reading April 25th, 2020 meeting DONE on Zoom!

Your Response to Covid-19 Virus…

Ok, anyone tired of hearing about this topic yet? I know I am. But here goes with hopefully some good information that I have gleaned from CDC and other sources. Risk: Currently thought to be low but the infection rate is climbing and has not hit the peak just yet. This virus is highly contagious … Continue reading Your Response to Covid-19 Virus…

NCRC at Wake-Forest 1/11/2020

As is usual, Dr Rajiv Shah put on a wonderful meeting at Wake Forest University in the very nice meeting room. We had a wonderful lunch hosted by Zack Ballinger - Opening comments (Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals) first then adjourned to the meeting room to hear the presentations. The list is as follows: Alessandro Iannaccone, MD- Macular … Continue reading NCRC at Wake-Forest 1/11/2020

Unusual Consult!

It all started two years ago when a certain patient had a vitreous hemorrhage and lukemia. After the exam, it was determined to be a hemorhage from a traumatic posterior vitreous detachment and it cleared on its own. The pt was returned to his referring physician for routine follow up. Fast forward two years later … Continue reading Unusual Consult!

What a positive attitude!

Some of my patients amaze me with their positive attitudes. One such individual was in my chair ready to get an injection in his eye for the first time and obviously a little nervous but it didn’t show. In the course of the conversation, he was making light of the serious ocular situation and told … Continue reading What a positive attitude!

“No, Mrs Fuffufnick, Boris is not real!”

Some funny things happen in clinic showing the humor that patients have to their circumstances that they must endure. Mid week "Mrs Fuffufnick" came in for a routine follow up appointment as she has had vitrectomy surgery in both eyes for epiretinal membrane, macular hole and Tractional macular detachment. She also was diagnosed with cardiac … Continue reading “No, Mrs Fuffufnick, Boris is not real!”

Iris Sutured IOL for Dislocation.

Patient had recurrent vitreous hemorrhages and the IOL was dislocating posteriorly. It was decided that there was a high risk of retinal detachment therefore surgery was indicated. The vision was fluctuating and the IOL was moving out of the optical axis. She also has Fuch's Corneal Distrophy making extensive IOL removal surgery higher risk of … Continue reading Iris Sutured IOL for Dislocation.