Unusual Consult!

It all started two years ago when a certain patient had a vitreous hemorrhage and lukemia. After the exam, it was determined to be a hemorhage from a traumatic posterior vitreous detachment and it cleared on its own. The pt was returned to his referring physician for routine follow up. Fast forward two years later … Continue reading Unusual Consult!

“No, Mrs Fuffufnick, Boris is not real!”

Some funny things happen in clinic showing the humor that patients have to their circumstances that they must endure. Mid week "Mrs Fuffufnick" came in for a routine follow up appointment as she has had vitrectomy surgery in both eyes for epiretinal membrane, macular hole and Tractional macular detachment. She also was diagnosed with cardiac … Continue reading “No, Mrs Fuffufnick, Boris is not real!”

Iris Sutured IOL for Dislocation.

Patient had recurrent vitreous hemorrhages and the IOL was dislocating posteriorly. It was decided that there was a high risk of retinal detachment therefore surgery was indicated. The vision was fluctuating and the IOL was moving out of the optical axis. She also has Fuch's Corneal Distrophy making extensive IOL removal surgery higher risk of … Continue reading Iris Sutured IOL for Dislocation.

Avastin DD vs Eylea?

The question is which is better double dose of Avastin or Eylea? For years I have used double dose Avastin (2.5mg with AC tap for IOP control) to try to control age related macular degeneration. Initially there is a substantial improvement in the subretinal fluid (SRF) and the vision. In certain patients with more longstanding … Continue reading Avastin DD vs Eylea?

“Oh where did the buckle go?”

Case Report: 73yo WF presents with 10 day shadow developing in the vision. Found to have superior temporal bullous RRD w multiple pinholes reaching into the fovea. Part of the RD was clear indicating a chronic RD with extension inferiorly with cloudy retina. Severe choroidal atrophied areas temporally. Pt is a habitual eye rubber. Other … Continue reading “Oh where did the buckle go?”

ARMD: a Reader’s Digest history

For those of you with either a short memory or missed the early history, here is a brief review as experienced and remembered by one clinician... In the area of wet Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), we have come a long way in my short 35 year experience including residency and fellowship. Here is where … Continue reading ARMD: a Reader’s Digest history