Next NC Retina Club meeting

NCRC meeting of Retina related presentations will occur on March 23-25, 2023 at the

Duke fAVS and AVS meeting

Please get your presentations ready before each meeting and let me know that you have a case to present. I create a schedule of cases and would like to include your name, the title of your case so please use the contact page to send me an email.

Past MeetingS:

Vimeo link to all the videos are here.

February 26, 2022 (12:30PM) Agenda with Raj hosting the meeting:

February 26, 2022 Agenda

September 26, 2021, hosted by Lejla at the NCSEPS meeting.

September 26, 2021 Agenda

Saturday April 24, 2021. (12:30PM) with Omar hosting the meeting.

April 24th, 2021 Agenda

Saturday January 9th, 2021. (12:30pm) with Raj hosting the meeting.

January 9th 2021 Agenda

Meeting Agenda 9/19/2020
September 19, 2020 Agenda

In conjunction with NCSEPS yearly meeting, NC Retina Club ran the Retina Case Conference from 12:30pm to 3:30pm.

This was a great meeting with fascinating cases and sparkling discussions. Our one medical student was the first to use the polling function twice in a talk, a first! He also managed to generate quite some discussion about VMT. We all appreciated the work that all the presenters did to present cases as all of the cases were interesting to say the least. No real hiccups in the technology and the meeting ran rather smoothly on Zoom. The “Chat” function served as a text based Comment and Q&A function without interrupting the speaker. I must thank Lejla for running the meeting, Omar and Raj for coming up with great questions, comments and insights to keep the discussions going well. Three hours ran past quickly indicating the level of interest and almost all attendees (~30) stayed to the end. This gives me great hope that this format really works to communicate and is very convenient for all. 

For those that could not make it to our meeting, we did enabled viewing of the uncut video on Vimeo. Please use the contact page here to let me know how you enjoyed the meeting.
Enjoy it, see you next time!  Sincerely Peter

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