Next NC Retina Club meeting

NCRC virtual Zoom meeting of Retina related presentations will occur on Saturday January 9th. (12:30pm) with Raj hosting the meeting. We will send an email inviting you to join the meeting with all the details. Please use the contact page to send an email requesting to be added to the email list to stay informed. … Continue reading Next NC Retina Club meeting

“No, Mrs Fuffufnick, Boris is not real!”

Some funny things happen in clinic showing the humor that patients have to their circumstances that they must endure. Mid week "Mrs Fuffufnick" came in for a routine follow up appointment as she has had vitrectomy surgery in both eyes for epiretinal membrane, macular hole and Tractional macular detachment. She also was diagnosed with cardiac … Continue reading “No, Mrs Fuffufnick, Boris is not real!”