Clinical Pearls: Soda Effect

One clinician’s observation of the effect of drinking both diet and regular sodas on the health of the patient. The observations and data acquired via clinical practice using electronic medical records and high resolution digital andiogram system for 25 years. When dealing with diabetic retinopathy, most physicians would tell a person with diabetes that the … Continue reading Clinical Pearls: Soda Effect

Live Stream at Hight Noon!

The live video feed is usually scheduled to start at 12:30pm on the day of the meeting. Here is a link to the current meeting when it is happening: After the meeting is over and the live portion is off, then go the the archived video list on YouTube to see the video of … Continue reading Live Stream at Hight Noon!

Help Needed!

Help, Help, Help! We need to hear from the membership as to how to make the web page and articles/events/blogs more interesting. We will continue to have the meetings about once a quarter or so, open ended format, what comes to the meeting gets presented. Remember, this is an open forum to discuss unknowns and … Continue reading Help Needed!