NCRC is now incorporated!

News Flash:

Just received notice of incorporation of the Retina Club.

Now we apply for Non Profit status (501c3) as an educational organization. This allows us to get funding for the meetings and push the online video feeds to a higher level.

We need interesting cases to post on the web page and to present at the meetings.

Please explore the Retina Bulletin Board to post ideas, cases, references and to have discussion. Please start exploring it and register with your email (secure and no spam). Make up a good password and please give me feed back as what is needed both in the bulletin board and the web pages. Meeting ideas are also welcome. I would like to make this the “go to place” for answers to difficult questions (research or clinically).  The more people visit and post questions and comments, the more usefull it becomes. So have at it!

Sincerely Peter VH.

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