Unusual Consult!

It all started two years ago when a certain patient had a vitreous hemorrhage and lukemia. After the exam, it was determined to be a hemorhage from a traumatic posterior vitreous detachment and it cleared on its own. The pt was returned to his referring physician for routine follow up.

Fast forward two years later and the pt is now referred by his Gastroenterologist for “clearance” before getting an upper GI endoscopy. This made me wonder why a “GI guy” would need a retinal clearance from an ophthalmologist. But, whatever, I would look for retinal bleeding again as I know the vitreous had separated two years earlier. Not finding any significant pathology, I looked again at the consult sheet trying to figure out why a “GI guy” needed my clearance. Then it hit my nurse and I that he might need a clearance for “rectal bleed” before an endoscopy! I certainly was not going to do that for him! We all laughed uncontrollably at the situation and how miss commnications can make us do weird things! The patient’s retina was fine and he was returned for further care.

We all skim the records as we do not have the time it takes to read all the fine print and details. This should make us slow down a bit but especially when we get that funny feeling that something does not add up. Dr”V” (True story)

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