What a positive attitude!

Some of my patients amaze me with their positive attitudes. One such individual was in my chair ready to get an injection in his eye for the first time and obviously a little nervous but it didn’t show. In the course of the conversation, he was making light of the serious ocular situation and told me what he had experienced two days before.

“The phone rang and I answered it, and a very nice young gentleman on the other end of the line told me that he was going to help fix my email problem as my email on the internet has been compromised. He offered his services to fix it and how this was such a terrible thing. I was a little puzzled because I told him I don’t have E mail, I have D mail. With this information the young man was a little puzzled himself and asked what is D mail? So I told him: well I get out of my chair, walk out de front door, go to de-box, and get de-mail. I was a little puzzled because after having a nice conversation with a young man, he hung up de-line.”

Never underestimate your patients ability to be resilient. PVH

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