NCRC at Charlotte 4/7/2018

Thanks goes to Omar Punjabi, M.D. and Dave Hight of Alcon for putting on one of the best luncheon meeting done so far. Scrumptious lunch was served at Del Frisco’s and is something to be experienced. Oh by the way, the meeting was not half bad either! here are the archived video feeds in two parts:



The synopsis of the meeting by Omar is here:

Dear all-
Thank you to all those who attended and presented at the NCRC meeting this afternoon in Charlotte. There were plenty of educational cases and great food, which made for a nice afternoon. Thank you again to David Hight from Alcon for sponsoring the event, and also for presenting a summary of the newest and latest equipment in surgical retina.
I also would like to thank my fellow co-chairs of NCRC- Lejla Vajzovic and Rajiv Shah- for their hard work and leadership. Special thanks to Peter Van Houten for his tireless work with the AV set-up and broadcasting these meetings online for others to see.
For those that did not attend- we hope to see you at the next meeting, which is on September 21-22 in Greensboro, NC (part of the annual NCSEPS society meeting).
As part of our tradition- below is a summary of presenters and cases that were discussed-
Oscar Kuruvilla- Case of Acute idiopathic unilateral maculopathy
Rick Weidman- Leukemic Retinopathy (secondary to CML) presenting as vitreous and retinal hemorrhage with Coats like appearance, Case of Bilateral severe ischemic retinopathy of unknown cause
Brad Allen- bilateral CMV retinitis masquerading as OIS, one initial negative PCR but second positive test
Omar Punjabi- Case of FEVR in 2 sisters, Case of Rubella Retinopathy, Case of management of sub retinal PFCL
Lejla Vajzovic- Argus prosthesis update and surgical pearls, Case of macular hole repair in pt with choroideremia, Discussion of a New generation intraop OCT at Duke  and pros vs cons of intraop OCT
Rajiv Shah- cases of PVR management and Discussion of Immunosuppression for PVR prevention
Vishak John- Case of post Eylea inflammation- got worse despite initial tap and inject, case of histo vs MFC with CME, Case of combined CRAO and CRVO
Veronica Kon Gravensen- Case of suspected Autoimmune retinopathy
Dilraj Grewal- Case of Susac’s Syndrome with gancyclovir resistant CMV retinitis- did well with Letemovir, Case of subretinal PFO that spontaneously improved
Philp D’Souza- Case of Pigmented paravenous chorioretinal atrophy
Thanks again,
Best regards,
Omar S. Punjabi, MD | Vitreo-Retinal Diseases & Surgery
t: 704.295.3000 | f: 704.295.3186
Cell- 281.217.2270
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.
6035 Fairview Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210 

While walking around Charlotte after the meeting and as is usual in a big city:

un-spoken protest of what?


Yeah, I’m clueless. Ever seen the movie “I ROBOT”?

Thanks to Omar for being our “trip advisor” and for sharing his wonderful family with my wife and me for breakfast on Sunday. We enjoyed their company and friendship during our visit to Charlotte. We enjoyed a visit to the Carolina Aviation Museum. It was rather interesting with many historic aircraft including “The Miracle on the Hudson” with Captain Sully. It is interesting to note that after the event the FAA simulated the conditions in the simulators and none of the experienced pilots could land the plane in the water like he did!