NCRC at Duke AVS, April 12-13, 2019

Unlike the silly photo above, the meeting was very serious and full of great articles and videos. Plenty of time was given for questions from the audience to the presenter as well as the experts. Great lunches and dinners were consumed and the Resident/Fellow video was aired for our amusement. Video of the NCRC presentations is being edited and redacted as needed and will be released at about the same time as the Muller Report!  Stay tuned (here)… A synopsis of “The Report” is coming…     Now it is here…

With many thanks to all, PVH.

Thank you to Omar Punjabi, and Raj Shah our illustrious Coordinators of this meeting, here is a synopsis of the cases:


Alice Zhang- Case of penetrating trauma with retained sub-retinal cilia and surgical management
Nick Ulrich– Case of traumatic sub-macular hemorrhage managed with t-PA with intra-op development of full-thickness macular hole
Steve Ryder– Case of tractional retinal detachment managed surgically
Peter Van Houten– Case of high myopia/ thin sclera with retinal detachment managed with donor scleral buckle
Omar Punjabi– Surgical management of a Myopic Macular hole with detachment in an eye with posterior staphyloma
Veronica Kon Gravensen– Case of scleral sutured intraocular lens with Yamani technique

PS: Can you identify all the characters in the silly photo? Leave a comment.
Photos below courtesy of Kevin Caldwell Photography.

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