NCRC at UNC Meeting 1/26/2019

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NC Retina Club thanks Veronica Kon Graversen for hosting the first 2019 meeting at the UNC Kittner Eye Center. Many retina specialists came together to explore clinical care of unusual cases.
Novartis is generously supporting the meeting with a scrumptious meal. Physicians enjoyed meeting the Novartis team. Special thanks to Corinth Auld from Novartis (new MSL). (See Support page)

Dear NCRC colleagues and friends:
Thank you for attending the first NCRC meeting of 2019 at the Kittner Eye Center. I would like to thank everyone that presented cases for allowing us to discuss challenging topics with collegiality. Big thanks to Corinth Auld from Novartis for sponsoring the event.
Thanks to Lejla Vajzovic, Rajiv Shah and Omar Punjabi for their help and guidance. Thanks to Peter Van Houten for setting up the broadcasting. You can see the video at
The next meeting will be part of the 21st Advance Vitreous Surgery Course (4/12-4/13).
This is the summary of our presentations:
Peter Van Houten- 1A tale of 2 eyes: Asymmetric presentation of macular degeneration. Management discussion oF ERM +/- ILM peeling, oxygen levels in vitreous.
2. Update of anti-VEGF use regional/national
Karishma Habbu- Case of CNV in a 33wks pregnant woman: options of treatment: Observation vs anti-VEGF vs PDT vs steroid. Category of drugs in pregnancy. Anti-VEGF effects in baby.
Seema Garg A tale of 2 brothers: Mutation of RDH led to early-onset retinal dystrophy (AR). Mother was carrier of the mutation.
Omar Punjabi- 1. Update: Siblings with FEVR. (2/3 tx with laser)
2. Subretinal macular hemorrhage secondary to RAM: Management with vitrectomy and tPA: instruments used. Benefits of anti-VEGF.
Roshan George- Subretinal macular hemorrhage secondary to AMD tx with Avastin first, then pneumatic displacement after 2 wks. 
Veronica Graversen- 1. Subretinal macular hemorrhage secondary to PCV tx with Eylea + pneumatic displacement. 
2. Progressive enlargement of PED with CNV component in monocular patient non responsive to antiVEGF: Management options. Ozurdex or triesence. When is recommended to consider switching agents? First line agents.
Lejla Vajzovic- 1. OCT-A advances in pediatric evaluation (toddlers). 
2. FEVR OCT-A/genetics
Bartlett Hayes- Case of suspected posterior sympathetic ophthalmia 
Looking forward to see you in our next meeting.
Best regards,

Veronica Kon Jara MD
Ophthalmology, Vitreous, Macula and Retina surgeon