NCRC at Winston-Salem May 20, 2017

Words can’t describe what an outstanding meeting we had with many wonderful discussions and teaching points. It was very special to have Stuart Fine, MD and Travis Meredith, MD share their timeless wisdom throughout the case discussions.

I want to thank Peter Van Houten, MD for his technological expertise and exceptional efforts in live streaming the meeting.

I wanted to continue the tradition of summarizing the outstanding day of discussions at NCRC. I want to thank everyone for making this such great meeting!


NCRC May 20, 2017


Case presentations

  1. Nicholas Farber, MD UNC Fellow presented optic pit maculopathy and treatment dilemmas
  2. Omar Punjabi, MD CEENTA presented myopic foveoschisis with VMT and reviewed the complexity of surgical management and a case of focal choroidal excavation syndrome.
  3. Greer Geiger, MD VA Kernersville presented a curious case of serpiginous choroiditis with CNV  formation
  4. Phil DeSouza, MD Resident Wake Forest presented paracentral acute middle maculopathy reviewed the ideas of the emerging retinal capillary plexi
  5. Charles Richards, MD Piedmont Retina presented bilateral diffuse CHRPE/bear track lesions in an 18-year old female and taught us about correlations/risk for FAP AND a fascinating case of Torpedo Retinopathy
  6. Brian Zamora, MD, PhD Wake Forest junior fellow presented intraocular glass foreign body removal and fungal retinal abscess with tractional retinal detachment surgery
  7. Claudia Hooten, MD Wake Forest senior fellow presented retinal detachment complicating retinoschisis surgery with chandelier assisted scleral buckle with cryotherapy and lighted endolaser
  8. Rajiv Shah, MD Wake Forest Assistant Professor presented progressive outer retinal necrosis secondary to VZV vaccine and medical and surgical management and he presented the surgical management in hypotony maculopathy secondary to cyclodialysis cleft
  9. Craig Greven, MD Wake Forest Chairman presented a case of serous detachment following uncomplicated cataract surgery  secondary to choroidal neovascularization in pachychoroid and taught us the benefits of OCT angiography AND lessons learned from focal laser treatment in CNV
Can’t wait for our next meeting!
Best Regards!
Raj Shah



Rajiv Shah, MD

Assistant Professor of OphthalmologyVitreoretinal Surgery and Uveitis and Ocular Immunology

Department of Ophthalmology

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1033

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